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Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3) - Abbi Glines 2 stars

Only 2 good things through the whole book i liked >.<<br/>(and they aren't about Rush or Blaire)


Let me just say that:
1. Rush is freakin' adorable with Blaire.
2. Rush is also a freakin' moron.
and 3. Rush knows how to put it down ;)

Nan is a vindictive bitch.
I absolutely hate her guts!!
Shes a buzz-killer.
Always de-railing the "Happy Train".
Damn that girl needs a good slap and then some *grrrr >:(

The ending was blah!
I mean really Nan? You're gonna go back to Rosemary.
Dumb bitch.
She don't deserve anyone. "Forever Alone" - Abbi Glines' next book. Nan's story. Its pretty self-explanatory, don't cha think? ;)

The good things -

Hmm.. Harlow and Grant? noooice.
I likey. Those tiny snippets really put my excitement levels to an all-time high. I hope a HEA falls into place for them.

Woods & Della - After that godforsaken cliffhanger in "Twisted Perfection", im happy we got a tiny glimpse of them. But...
I can already feel the drama brewing. 'Specially with that crazy-ass bitch, Angeline, still in the picture.
Sheesh! These bitches are toxic lol must be somethin' in the water ;)

So overall i liked it. But only for those tiny glimpses of Grant, Harlow, Woods & Della.
Nothing to do with Rush & Blaire - Even if this was suppose to be their story lol

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