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“Each time a man looks into your eyes, he is only searching to find himself; for he knows already, that he is part of you” ― Jeremy Aldana

Finale (Hush Hush) - Becca Fitzpatrick DNF @ 74%

Damn it all to hell?!

I tried to finish this!
I really did.
But freakin' Nora.
It's always damn Nora.

She is such a know-it-all.
That's how shit goes wrong chicka.
She totally doesn't deserve Patch.
I mean come on, he obviously knows what he's talking about. So if he says one thing, don't do the opposite. aaaaaah!
Damn Nora. No freakin ears.
Always thinks she knows best.

Nora's the main reason i didn't finish this book.. ohh and because i got bored. Totally lost interest bout' half-way through. The story just dragged.
Insider (Exodus End, #1) - Olivia Cunning
WHOOP! Another mutherfucking Olivia Cunning series!!
Dare Mills? Babe. Please Please Please.

Untitled (Playing With Fire, #3) - Tara Sivec AUSTIN!


So freakin excited for this one! That little teaser at the end of Because of You.. Damn. So not nice.

Abel (5th Street #4) - Elizabeth Reyes
When i first saw the cover..


When i saw that Abel's story comes out sometime this year..


That pretty much sums up how i'm feeling right now xD
Unbearable Guilt (Breathe Again, #2) - Emma Grayson
Mmhmm.. Now that's what im talkin' bout!
Tall, Dark & Mysterious.
No One other than..
Mr. Kane Archer himself!
& the bubbly Whitney Jareau.


Connected (Connections #1) - Kim Karr Stopped half-way through lol
The female lead annoyed me too much with her "Teenagerish" ways.
Sempre: Redemption (Forever, #2) - J.M. Darhower OHHHHHMYYYYGOD!!! I.CANNOT.BREATHE.RIGHT.NOW!!



More Carmine & Haven.
More Corrado.

Honestly. What more could a girl want?

Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street #3) - Samantha Young YEEESSS!!

Puuuurfect. I just know im gonna love Olivia & Nate's story.


Come on 2014. Hurry up already. Before i go crazy with need?!
The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12) - J.R. Ward ohh shit.


I just knew it!

but damn.. That's like ONE WHOLE YEAR AWAY!

*wails.. like a baby*

Come on time. Tick, tick, tick away.
Need this book like yesterday!!!!
Push & Pull (Push, #1) - Maya Tayler gaaaaaah!
Really?!?!! Why'd it end like that $#!&%$#*&
Damn you Liam or should i say LUCCIEN FREAKIN MORRETTI! - Did not see that one coming -
Short & oh-so-hot.
Can't wait for Book 2 :-)
Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend - Cassie Mae,  Becca Ann 5 Awesomesauce stars!!!

Loved it from a guys POV!
Really, really funny moments & some naaaw.. "why so cute" moments!!

Great read altogether :D
Blue Lines (Assassins, #4) - Toni Aleo This cover made me.. Fine.Fine.Fine.



aaand this is me now.. After the initial cover-eye-candy left it's place.. and i finally took into account that it's out in AUGUST!?


Cannot wait for Erik & Piper's story!
Sempre - J.M. Darhower One of the BESTEST books i've ever read

This book gives you a whirlwind of emotions.

Truly amazingly written :)


Fragile - M. Leighton Exactly the kind of story i love to read :)
Barely Breathing - Rebecca Donovan Possibly 3.5 stars. The first book was a tad better.
This one is just WTF!?!

Seriously. You would have thought that by now emma would actually fully trust evan. to tell him things n shit. honestly, after everything he's been through with her, she'd tell him whats been going on in that fucked up head of hers. arrrrrgh >:( How could she just up & leave him.grrr!

Evan you are awesome.

Emma.. hmm.. frustrating maybe?.

Patiently waiting for the next chapter of their lives to hit us in the next book.
Hopefully by then emma will have sorted her problems out?!?!

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